Our merchant partners wish to reward those actively promoting them and generating more sales. So if your referrals generate 10 or more sales in any month for a site, your commission level for that site for that month is increased to the next level (often 50%) for all sales for that site that month.

Example Assuming a level 1 commission of 35% and level 2 commission of 50%:
Commissions are paid on our about the last day of each month for the prior month's sales. For example, commissions earned July 1 - July 31 would be paid on or about August 31.
No. Any and all commissions due will be paid to you at the end of each month.
Commissions are paid to you for life! All sales to a customer you refer, now, or even years in the future, will result in a commission payment to you.
Some people sign up and purchase a membership immediately, yet others may take months or even years. When they decide to subscribe, don't worry, you'll earn your commission. In affiliate marketing, patience is a good thing to have.
Our promotion banners should be placed where vistors of your web site go. Top of page is better than botton. Don't hide banners on an obscure page.
Yes. You can promote anywhere you can post an affiliate banner... blogs, social networking sites, etc.