Access Keys

Affiliates may create an Access Key to grant read-only access to their reports to other parties. Parties with your Access Key do not have the ability to alter your account or view your confidential account information.

Creating an Access Key

To create an Access Key, visit   Account  and enter your key in the Access Key field, or click Generate Key, to generate one. SAVE when done.

Keep a record of who you distribute your Access Key to. In case you wish to change it at a later date you'll know who needs to be updated.

Using the Access Key

Suffixing a reporting page with ?KeyAID=#&Key=kkk, where # is your Affiliate ID (an integer) and kkk is the Access Key you created, will grant access to the report pages without logging in.


You may also add the following optional parameters to alter any reports:

SDStart Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2000-01-01&SD=2018-01-15
EDEnd Date (YYYY-MM-DD)For Leads / Sales, Today. For Commissions, last day of previous month.&ED=2018-01-15

Start/End Date range is inclusive. That is, Start Date is assumed to start at 00:00:00 and End Date is assumed to end at 23:59:59.



View click tracking report.


View leads report. (Not yet implement for JCG.)


View sales report.


View commissions report.