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What are commission Tiers?

Tier 1
Commissions paid to you for your direct referrals.
Example You refer several customers to our merchant partner sites whose purchases total $1000.
  • Assuming a 35% tier 1, you would be paid $350.00.
  • Assuming a 50% tier 1, you would be paid $500.00.
Tier 2
Other webmasters you refer to us who signup as affiliates are called your tier 2 referrals. Presumably these webmasters will, in turn, refer customers to our merchant sites. You're paid a tier 2 commission based on sales from that webmaster's referrals.
Example You refer webmasters Peter, Paul, and Mary, each of whom sign up as affiliates with us. Peter, Paul, and Mary each refer users responsible for $1000 in sales.
  • Assuming a 35% tier 1 and 5% tier 2, each webmaster would be paid ($1000 x 35%) = $350, and you would be paid (($1000 x 5%) * 3) = $150.00.
  • Assuming a 50% tier 1 and 5% tier 2, each webmaster would be paid ($1000 x 50%) = $500, and you would be paid the same (($1000 x 5%) * 3) = $150.00.

What are commission Levels?

Our merchant partners wish to reward those actively promoting them and generating more sales. So if your referrals generate 10 or more sales in any month for a site, your commission level for that site for that month is increased to the next level (often 50%) for all sales for that site that month.

Example Assuming a level 1 commission of 35% and level 2 commission of 50%:

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on our about the last day of each month for the prior month's sales. For example, commissions earned July 1 - July 31 would be paid on or about August 31.

Is there a commission threshold I must reach before I'm paid?

Disbursement Method Threshold Disbursement Fee
PayPal: None None
Check: $250 $25/check

How long are commissions earned?

Commissions are paid to you for life. If you refer a customer to one of our merchant partners, that customer is tagged as yours for the life of that customer's account. All sales to that customer, now, or years in the future, will result in a commission payment to you.

How much can I earn?

Most affiliates receive nice supplemental income for little effort - simply promoting our merchant partners on their web site's home page (or, better yet, on multiple pages). Our top affiliates earn the most. These affiliates actively promote us in their newsletters and e-mails to their customers. Our partners reward active promotion with an even higher commission rate. Active promotion pays off and can yield substantial revenue.

I have a lot of leads (referrals) recorded. When will they turn into sales?

Some people sign up and purchase a membership within their first month. However these people are in the minority. Most people browse and get the feel of a site for a few months prior to purchasing a paid membership. Patience if a good thing to have.

What's the best way to promote?

  • Place our merchant partner banners on your home page, and multiple pages, of your web site. Place the banners where people will see them - left is better than right; top is better than bottom.
  • If you send out an e-newsletter, promote our merchant partners there, and, of course, include a merchant banner (with a tracking link) in your newsletter.
  • Great Idea! --- Write an article endorsing a merchant's services, and upload the article to your site and to WordPress, and other blog publishing sites. (Of course, remember to include a merchant banner or text link with an affiliate tracking link in your article!)

I don't have a web site. Can I still be an affiliate?

Yes you can. In fact, our top affiliates have no web site of their own!

You can promote our merchant partners through many free social networking sites and blogs. Facebook and WordPress are quite popular ways to get attention. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk up the web site you are promoting on Facebook.
  • Locate Facebook groups dealing with the subject of the site and join them and chat it up.
  • Find groups that have blogs (via Google or Bing) and chat it up.
  • Create a fan club blog on Blogger and other blog sites.
  • Write an article endorsing the site you're promoting and submit it to "Self-publishing" sites like WordPress and Scribd.
  • Research the web for guerilla web site marketing ideas.
Always remember to include your affiliate tracking link in any of your pages or postings!

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